11 Affirmations for Your Well-Being

11 Affirmations for Your Well-Being

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Health and wellness


Affirmations are positive sayings you can repeat to yourself. What we think is what we become. Using affirmations is a wonderful way to control and reroute your thoughts to a more positive outlook. There are many ways to use affirmations in your daily life: repeat them aloud, write them down, meditate on them, set a reminder on your phone—whatever works best for you. Here are 11 affirmations to use for your well-being:


I have a choice in how I feel right now.

Every moment of the day, we have a choice in how we feel. We don’t get to choose what happens outside of us, but we do get to choose how we feel inside. Using this affirmation will help you remember that you have the power to control how you feel in each moment.


Something bigger is on the way.

This affirmation is a wonderful reminder to stay positive about the future and align yourself with good things to come. Remembering that this or something better is coming to you is a wonderful way to approach life. It’s always expecting great things to happen and allows you to be delightfully surprised when great things come your way.


I am confident and calm.

We all want to feel these two things: confident and calm. By reminding ourselves that our true nature is confidence and calmness, we allow those feelings to drive our lives and let fear and other emotions get in the backseat. Repeat this to yourself before a big day when you might be stepping outside your comfort zone.


I love my life and life loves me back.

This is one of the most beautiful affirmations to practice. By feeling grateful for all the blessings in your life, you’re acknowledging the reciprocity between life and you—and letting love flow through you.


My body is healthy and my mind is peaceful.

Our overall health is linked to our body, mind and emotions. When our mind is peaceful and our bodies are healthy, we can live our best lives.


The universe always has my back.

A great one to use during a tough or trying time. Repeat this to yourself when you might feel you’re losing trust in where your life is headed. This is a wonderful reminder that life wants to see you succeed and grow—and the universe always has your back.


Abundance and beauty flow my way everyday.

A wonderful affirmation for gratitude. By recognizing the good things in life and the beauty all around us, we’re opening ourselves up to more and more of the same.


I am deserving and worthy.

Everything in our lives is affected by our self-worth. Tell yourself you are deserving and worthy. Own it. There’s nothing selfish about it. When you shine, you inspire others to do the same.


I’m always taken care of.

A great reminder when things might not feel as if they’re going your way. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, remember this affirmation: I’m always taken care of. All your needs will always be met for your highest good.


Well-being surrounds me in all that I do.

This is a wonderful one to open your eyes to the bigger picture surrounding you each day. Focusing on the good things and the well-being can help you notice all the healthy things in your life.


I make time for things that make me feel good and the people I love.

This one is important. Living a healthy life means you connect with others and give yourself the time you deserve to enjoy life and the things you enjoy to do. Repeat this to yourself when you’re feeling too busy as a reminder to make the time for things that are truly important.

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