Approaching Your Day with a Yoga Mindset

Approaching Your Day with a Yoga Mindset

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Yoga

When we’re on the mat, it’s easy to slow down, tune in and be present. But when the alarm goes off in the morning, it’s hard to slip into that same mindset. We get out of bed and start thinking of all the things we need to do and the day that lies ahead. Sometimes we have to rush through our morning routine, other times we allow ourselves enough space to be gentle and quiet. Realistically, our days are spent rushing—rushing to get things done, to get to the next place, to do the next thing we must do.


Yoga teaches us about the power of presence. It teaches us how to be in our body and anchor ourselves into our breath. To incorporate this mindset into our days, we have to go beyond simply being present. It’s not what we do, but how we do it. Adapting an attitude of presence and mindfulness can help us bring that yoga mindset from the mat to our day-to-day life.


One way to foster this mindset is by finding a moment of peace to quiet your thoughts and center yourself each morning, even if it’s just for three to five minutes before you get out of bed. If you have a significant other or children, the beginning of your day might be the only time you can find some quiet, simply by rising before everyone else does or quietly meditating before your feet hit the ground. Play around and see what works best for you.


Once we’ve fostered a yoga attitude, it sets the tone for the rest of our day. A moment of peace and quiet does wonders for the mind. If you can, you could also try doing a few poses. Setting yourself up for a mindful and peaceful day is the first step towards creating a true sense of peace in your life.


However, as the day unfolds, it can be easy to get off track and be swept up in the hustle and bustle of everything you must do. This is where the practice of returning to the yoga mindset is crucial. Take a small break, even for a minute, to take a few deep belly breaths. Set reminders on your phone to pause and quiet your mind. Go for a walk. Do some yoga. Meditate for a minute. Find pockets of silence wherever you can. It isn’t about being perfect and always calm, but it is about consistently returning to the place of peace you’ve created for yourself.


Finally, closing out your day in a yoga manner is just as important as the start. Before bed, take time to wind down. Get away from all screens for at least an hour before you sleep. Do some yin yoga to relax and unwind. Take some time to quietly meditate. Do something that relaxes you, whether that’s taking a bath, watching a show you love or reading a book. Approaching the end of your day from a place of peace and calm is a wonderful way to prepare yourself for a nourishing night’s sleep.


Above all else, know that yoga is a practice, and so is the yoga mindset. Don’t expect to constantly stay centered. But do expect that with practice, you’ll keep coming back to a place where you feel calm, grounded and peaceful. It’s like bringing the peace of savasana with you wherever you go.


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