How to Create a Holistic Morning Routine

How to Create a Holistic Morning Routine

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Health and wellness

Some people love them and some people are not fans. Either way, we all are blessed when we awake each day, born anew in the fresh energy of the day.


Morning is a time of new beginnings. With the start of each day, we have the opportunity to renew and begin again. Creating a nurturing, holistic morning routine is an essential step in creating a fulfilling life. By following certain steps at the beginning of each day, you can align yourself with your true desires and approach the day ahead coming from a centered place and as your best self.


Here are some ideas to incorporate in the beginning of your day. Do all or none of the following, in whatever order feels right to you. By creating the best routine which feels natural and free-flowing, you’ll carry that positive energy with you through the day, and ultimately, with you through your life.


Set an intention


At the start of each day, think about one feeling or goal you want to feel or accomplish. Choose what that intention will be for the day. Write it down, pray on it, or just speak it within the quiet of your own heart. By taking the time to decide what you intend for the day, you set yourself up to fulfill your purpose and live up to your intention.


Nourish yourself


Many people feel rushed in the morning, so food can become something to grab on the go, or even worse, can be skipped entirely. Take the time to plan a nourishing breakfast and enjoy the nutrients which are nurturing your body. Make a green smoothie loaded with veggies to take with you on the go. Or if you have the time, make yourself a healthy meal with protein, vegetable, and fruit to start your day off on a nourishing note.


Pick your top 3


We all have lots of things we want to accomplish each day. If we pick three items each day to prioritize, it makes our never-ending to do lists less intimidating. By choosing three tasks to prioritize each day, you avoid the feeling of overwhelm and are able to give your full attention to three tasks, rather than partial attention to many. It also lets you start the day with a “can-do” attitude.


Write it out


In Julia Cameron’s popular book The Artist’s Way, she suggests that everyone should practice morning pages each day. This is the practice of writing three pages each morning of whatever comes to your mind, no matter what. By starting this practice, you give yourself an outlet to get any worries and fears out on the page before you start your day. Morning pages can be life-changing when practiced regularly.




No matter what religion you practice, praying each morning allows you the opportunity to offer up any worries and express gratitude to a Higher Power. Prayer is powerful and can instantly shift your mood. By connecting with something larger than yourself, you give yourself the appropriate perspective on the day ahead.


Practice gratitude


Start each day with an attitude of gratitude. Write down 5 things you are thankful for. With time, you’ll quickly think of more than five things to be grateful for each day. Creating a sense of gratitude at the outset of your day sets a tone of thankfulness which helps shift your focus to the positive in life.


Avoid the Internet


Many people wake up and look at social media or check email first thing. This creates a sense of urgency and exposes us to news headlines or updates or emails that we might not want to see right away upon waking up. By limiting time on the Internet to certain times in the day, excluding first thing in the morning, you create the space to allow a peaceful morning flow in your life.


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