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“It’s a journey between two breaths, a journey into the very limits of human possibility, it’s a journey into the unknown, and above all its an inner journey.’ ~ Guillaume Néry, World Champion Freediver


Imagine yourself floating in the Indonesian archipelago, the water is warm, clear and a deep blue colour.  The marine life is like nothing you have seen before. You are holding onto the flotation ring and practicing your breath technique, slowing your mind and relaxing your body before you take your final breath.


You dive under, pulling yourself along the line, feeling the sensation of the water on your skin, the deeper you go, the cooler it gets.  Your attention is on your heartbeat and the crackling sounds of the ocean.  The pressure builds up in your ears with each pull on the line, as you descend deeper into your journey.  It feels so natural, yet so unnatural at the same time.


This is where the experience really starts, this is when you begin to really exercise mind control.  You clear your mind of any thoughts and bring it back to a state of relaxation.  You become aware of your buddy diver beside you, its all okay, they are watching your every move to make sure you are safe.


Learning to Freedive is all about learning to be comfortable being outside of your comfort zone.  It’s an opportunity to be safely challenged in a new and unique way.  Initially, it will feel so foreign being meters underwater without the ability to breathe.  Yet through understanding the physiology behind the dive reflex, knowing and trusting that your body has this under control, you are able to discover what you are truly capable of.

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Rated 100% “Excellent”

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  • Stay and Amenities

    • 7 days/6 Nights aboard the Sailing
    • Highly experienced crew to ensure a wonderful experience
    • Transfers to and from the local airport /local hotel transfers
    • Access to digital Photos and Video from your trip
  • Wellness Activities

    • Freediving tuition
    • Daily breath work
    • Daily Yoga classes
    • Daily Freediving & Snorkelling throughout the exquisite Komodo National Park
    • Visit the famous Pink Beach
    • Hike South Komodo Island and see the Komodo Dragon
    • Swim with Manta Rays at Mawan Island
    • Sunset hike at the stunning Padar Island
  • Nutrition

    • An unlimited supply of herbal teas, coffee, and filtered water
    • Delicious, nutrient packed, gourmet whole food menu prepared by our in-house chef
    • All meals are provided to ensure you reap the full benefits of following a whole food menu for the duration of your stay
    • Fresh fruit baskets and wholesome snacks throughout your stay
Freediving and Yoga

Bunk Room $2400 USD p.p.
Standard Room – Bunk Bed $2600 USD p.p.
Standard Room – Double Bed $2750 USD p.p.
Double Suite $5300 USD (Couple) $4800 USD (Single)
Couples Suite $5300 USD 


7 Days (6 nights), inc. taxes.

* Special rates for group bookings of four or more
* $200 dollar savings if booking three months in advance – not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
* Airfares not included