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Ocean Soul Retreat - Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Stayed in June 2015

“A Week of Wellness”

My week at Ocean Soul Retreat was nothing short of amazing. Burnt out and on the verge of adrenal fatigue I was looking for somewhere that offered the perfect spot to unwind, re-qroup and nourish my body with much needed TLC. OSR not only went above and beyond my expectations I walked away feeling extremely content, grounded and ready to tackle the real world again with a fresh mind, positive attitude and beautiful new friendships

The food was incredible; a foodies dream! Clean, wholesome, nourishing foods were of no short supply. A never ending supply of protein balls meant we were constantly nourished and NEVER hungry. In fact for someone who’s life revolves around food. The ease of not having to think or plan out meals was my idea of heaven.

The accommodation was an incredible oasis hidden in the heart of Seminyak. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle but in a perfect spot incase you wanted to do a spot of shopping or wander the streets. I absolutely loved the surfing and felt comfortable pushing my limits to strive for bigger and better waves with the encouragement from surfer babe Carly and the boys from the surf school who were a barrel of fun.

Cannot recommend this place enough. Georgie has created such a beautiful retreat that makes your never want to leave. Her outlook on life is incredibly infectious and makes your feel so welcome and at home, especially if you are a single traveler like myself.

Stayed in June 2015

“An Amazing Week in Paradise!”

I had been searching for a health + wellness retreat for quite some time but, none of the retreats I had come across quite embodied everything I was looking for ... however, that all changed when I came across Ocean Soul Retreat. From the first glance of Ocean Soul Retreat, I knew it was exactly what I had been waiting and looking for and I was booked in for a week of surf + yoga within days! I can not recommend Ocean Soul Retreat highly enough. Georgie has thought and taken care of every detail to ensure that every guest has a wonderful week. From the beautiful, peaceful villa to the INCREDIBLE whole food meals and holistic therapies ... no detail has been overlooked. I came away from my week at Ocean Soul Retreat relaxed, uplifted, positive and inspired. The holistic therapies I took part in (specifically my healing sessions with Elisa) allowed me to truly get in touch with myself and see what it was I truly wanted and needed in my life and what obstacles were standing in my way. Our surf instructors from the Bali Surf School were amazing! Fantastic instructors who made every morning surf session fun and memorable and they truly shared in the excitement with every wave caught and ridden by all the girls. Our nightly yoga + meditation sessions with Amanda were also a perfect way to cap off the day. It was an amazing week!

I recommend Ocean Soul Retreat to any female who may be looking for some time away to relax, reconnect, seek inspiration and have fun! You won't be disappointed as not only will you find all of this and more at Ocean Soul Retreat but, you'll also come away with meeting new friends and spending the week surrounded by amazing women.

Stayed in April 2015

“Powerful and unforgetable time in Bali”

It was my first Bali and 'retreat' experience, which turned out to be something that remains very close to my heart forever.

The place is just a dream. very open, bright and relaxing.

The food is heaven. It's so yummy, healthy and changes your body.

Georgie and the team sincerely care about each one of us.

I'm so lucky that the girls joined in this retreat are so inspirational and we could share the precious moment together.

So glad I listened to my 'soul's request to experience this retreat.

Stayed in October 2015

”Blissful and fun women's retreat”

The first thing you notice when you step into the Ocean Soul villa is the attention to detail. From the well chosen music playing softly in the main pavilion to the little treats by your bedside, nothing has been overlooked. Georgie and her team create a luxurious, calm environment where every whim is catered for.

The surfing was so much fun - a real bonding experience for our group, the yoga every evening was sometimes grounding and restorative, sometimes high energy. The yogis just knew how to read the groups' mood and teach accordingly.

The most stand out feature to me was the delicious food. Absolutely five star and completely healthy and nutritious - who knew healthy eating could taste so good?!

I would highly recommend this retreat for any woman looking for some fun, calm and exotic ``me`` time with all the perks of a five star holiday.

Stayed in July

“A Magical Week in Paradise”

Ocean Soul Retreat was a truly amazing experience, by the end of the retreat I felt relaxed, refreshed and with a new outlook on my health and lifestyle choices.

I was expecting a relaxing and blissful week away, however the whole retreat went beyond all expectations and was an unforgettable experience.

The amazing staff at Ocean Soul Retreat go above and beyond to ensure every aspect of the retreat is perfect and genuinely care about making your experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

The Villa is one of the best I have stayed at in Bali (and anywhere else), the rooms and the grounds are absolutely beautiful and very well kept. The food was beyond delicious, I have never eaten so well in my life!! I looked forward to every meal (and the snacks in between), they were always fresh, filling and you could see the love and care that went into each meal by the chefs. I never felt hungry or dissatisfied by any of the meals, and we even got desert each night!! (healthy of course!).

I was particularly nervous about the Yoga as I had only done a handful of classes in my life, but after completing the retreat I have a new found appreciation for Yoga. Amanda our instructor was very accommodating to the different levels in our group and after each session I felt calmer and stronger than the day before.

The surfing however, was not new to me and although I hadn't surfed in the last couple of years, getting back on a board and in the Ocean everyday was one of my favorite parts of the retreat! Because I had surfed before, unlike the other women on the retreat, my surfing instructor took me to the best waves for my ability each day to ensure we each got the most out of our surfing experiences. There is never a dull moment with the surfing instructors either, I was always laughing and having a great time and they are constantly cheering you on and building your confidence.

In between surfing and yoga we are pampered with massages and healing sessions which are truly special experiences. In addition to the healings, a few of us took a trip to the sacred seven Chakra waterfall with a Balinese healer. It was a powerful and unique healing that left me feeling peaceful and I felt as if I had unblocked old feelings of pain and negativity.

By the end of the week, I didn't want to leave and was already planning the next chance I could get to return to Ocean Soul Retreat for another amazing escape. I left feeling positive, calm, rejuvenated and ready to rid of all my old negative thought patterns and tune into a better version of myself. Big thanks to Georgie and her team, this special trip away was exactly what I needed and nothing like I ever expected.

Stayed in September 2015

“Amazing Bali Retreat Experience”

I was in search of a retreat that would touch my mind, body, and soul... and found it with Ocean Soul Retreat. I had never been on a retreat before so had no idea what to expect and wondered if I should be traveling 1/2 way around the world without knowing. But everything here was wonderful. Yoga together was great, the holistic treatments were very new for me but I was touched most by a Balinese Priestess. I wasn't sure about having a roommate... but they paired me up with a great girl! Surfing was great, culture day was cool, massages were good. And my favorite part of the day... sitting down for meals with all of the girls and Georgie... the food was so wonderful. Georgie was so informative, answered ALL of my questioning emails, and was the most wonderful host. An amazing experience I will never forget!

Stayed in April 2015

“The most amazing thing I have ever done!”

I absolutely loved everything about my week at Ocean Soul Retreat.

The accommodation was beautiful with plenty of spaces to either socialise or relax. I felt completely at home the minute I entered the retreat.

I have never tried surfing before and actually didn't think I would be very good at it but I was able to stand up on day 1! Such an incredible sense of accomplishment thanks to the Double D surf instructors. The boys were so patient, funny and genuinely proud of us when all 8 girls were standing on day 1. We were catching ``green`` waves by the end of the week. Being a mother of three - I was feeling extremely proud of myself.

I was a complete novice when it came to Yoga as well. But I loved it! Amanda was absolutely amazing. I felt so much stronger and calmer by the end of the week. Positions that I wouldn't even attempt on day 1 I was doing easily on day 5,6 and 7. Even just chatting to Amanda pre and post yoga made me feel so relaxed and positive.

The Food... It was all so delicious!!! I spent the week eating really different food to what I would usually eat and I loved it. There was an abundance of food as well. There was no moment in the week that I had to go looking for food. It just always seemed to be there at the right time.

For the cultural day I chose to do the Ubud cycling tour. I have always wanted to see this side of Bali and it was beautiful.

As for the other ladies on the trip - I feel so lucky to have met such inspirational, accepting beautiful people. We all got along so well. They were all so supportive of each other accomplishments over the week. In all the surfing photo's you can see the other girls in the background cheering on each surfer.

Georgie and her team were fantastic. Nothing was ever a problem. Their whole priority was to make sure that we all had the best possible holiday. And I did!

All in all I highly recommend Ocean Soul Retreat. I really feel like it has changed my whole attitude about my health and lifestyle.

I know I will definitely be back. I loved it!

Stayed in June 2015

“A must do - for all ladies.”

Oceansoul Retreat was T H E M O S T a m a z i n g experience! This is something every women needs to book AT LEAST once on their life. I went into it thinking - I won’t be able to surf & yoga’s not my forte - but if I just get a couple of massages and lie but the pool, then I’m happy. However it was SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS. Georgie was the most knowledgeable and extraordinary host. The food blew my mind every meal & the surf school has got me hooked for life. Down to the finest detail this retreat was exquisite.

An absolute must do.

Stayed in October 2015

“Awakening of mind, body and soul”

Bali was never on my list until I was introduced to Georgie and Ocean Soul Retreat (OSR). It's been a busy year in the midst of a career change, which meant working full time, studying to become a personal trainer, keeping up with my own training and fitting in down time when I could. I usually DIY holidays but this time I wanted it all sorted for me so OSR was the perfect option. This was my first retreat and I was glad to leave myself open to curiosity and surprise. I set myself a couple of goals but no words can fully describe nor give justice to what unfolded during those 6 days. Here goes.... I met some amazing women, my Soul Sisters and together we sampled holistic therapies and shared clean, nutritious and delicious food. I detoxed for the week... no alcohol or coffee and discovered I've been dehydrated my whole life! Carly and the boys from the D school taught us to surf, a great confidence builder, healthy and challenging as we rode the green waves out the back!! Amanda and Rae were awesome yoga teachers and passed on a wealth of information to improve the mind, body and soul. I recommend you leave your inhibitions at home and sample all the therapies on offer. I found them complementary addressing my blockages (aka baggage), giving me choice in the decisions I now make and just learning to be. Highlights - traditional Balinese healing ceremony, pair yoga, surfing out the back, twin share lodgings with a beautiful outdoor bathroom, nightly gifts, matcha tea bliss balls, green smoothies, the wonderful OSR staff and our gorgeous host Georgie. Her attention to detail is second to none, every need and wish is accommodated.... she's one super cool chick. Ok, so now I'm home and pleased to say I'm staying true to my new goals and it's been super easy. My body is thankful for the extra water, my skin is glowing, I now make decisions which are good for me and no one else, I have new life long friends (the amazing Soul Sisters!!) and my critical friend inside my head is a lot quieter. OSR was truly a life changing experience, so book your 'gift to self' and you'll see what I mean. Namaste girlfriend.

Stayed in May 2015

“A most life enhancing experience”

Being on the other side of 50 yrs it was with some trepidation that I committed to an active/soul searching week at Ocean Soul Retreat. From the instant I set foot in the most tranquil surrounds of tropical gardens amidst cooling water pools, I knew I would be experiencing the best Bali has to offer. Staff were attentive yet discrete with plenty of time to relax on my own or with other women between surf coaching from Balinese who have such a zest for life and yoga which was tailored to suit all levels. To top it off our full moon healing ceremony and water blessing were unforgettable experiences providing plenty of food for thought. Ah, and food for body was so delicious and complimentary to the 'wellness' focus. I have returned with a 'new take on life', seeing more clearly and managing life's challenges better. Namaste.

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