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I was born and raised in Melbourne under the Australian sun. The importance of a healthy lifestyle was instilled from an early age and I spent my childhood on a property riding horses and enjoying the outdoors. Fuelled by an independent streak, I moved to Europe for two years and fell head over heels for travelling, making my way through Europe as well as much of Asia.


In my twenties, I experienced an allergic reaction that ended with a visit to ER and being dosed with morphine. The medical advice was to take antihistamines for the rest of my life and avoid any potential allergens. I wasn’t happy with this outcome, so I started exploring ways to cleanse and detoxify my system. I worked with a naturopath, embraced clean eating and started holistic therapies to cleanse and detoxify my system. This is where my personal journey began and I really began to understand the mind, body and soul connection.


A year later I experienced a major upheaval and realized that I needed to hit reset and make some big changes. I took off on a trip overseas, which quickly grew into a journey of discovery and transformation. I spent the next few years following the sun everywhere from California, Mexico, Brazil to Bali – visiting shamans, Balinese priestesses and learning to reconnect with myself and to my passions and dreams. Best of all, I discovered the elements that helped establish good health and life balance: a grounding dose of yoga and holistic therapy, the healing abilities of the ocean, the challenges and rewards of surfing and of course food that nourishes and strengthens inside and out.


I created Ocean Soul Retreat to share these elements with like-minded women, to reconnect with themselves and to live a more healthier empowered life by making positive decisions.

Yoga Coach and Spiritual Instructor

Ocean Soul Retreat Yoga Coach Amanda has over fourteen years of experience training with sought-after yoga professionals from all around the world. Drawn to yoga because of the way it awakens awareness of the mind, body, and soul, she focuses on revealing spiritual and heart energy through movement and self-expression.

An intuitive instructor that possesses an uncanny knack for tuning in to her students’ needs, Amanda is committed to inspiring women through meditation and different styles of yoga including Iyengar, Hatha, Power Yoga, and Vinyasa. At Ocean Soul Retreat, she connects with her students on a deep level to help them experience sensing with the heart, freeing the mind, and living in the now.

Surf Instructor

A lover of the ocean, Carly is happiest by the water and recalls her early years at home with her family by the beach. Her parents ran the local nippers, and her brothers were lifeguards, ensuring every day was spent by the water. Her lifelong love affair with the ocean would become her career as Carly learnt to surf and set out to travel the world.


Having visited and worked in Morocco, the English Channel and the Canary Islands, Carly maintains that Bali is her favourite. It’s culture, people, scents, food, beaches and waves put her mind at ease and bring her back to her first visit at 16, when she fell in love with travel and Indonesia.


Combining her two passions - surfing and travel - Carly loves her work with Ocean Soul Retreat and believes she is blessed be able to introduce surfing to like minded girls, living and working in a place she loves.

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