Why Going on a Wellness Retreat is the Best Thing You Can Do This Year

Why Going on a Wellness Retreat is the Best Thing You Can Do This Year

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Health and wellness

The real secret to getting the year started right? A wellness-boosting retreat that’ll get those healthy practices in place and make living right that much easier. A weeklong surf yoga retreat in Bali might sound like an indulgence, but we believe that taking some well-deserved time for me-time is actually incredibly necessary and beneficial. Here are a few of our favorite reasons why:


1. Getting away gives you time for self-reflection.

Without the distractions of everyday life, you’ll be able to dig deeper into what you have going on. So much change happens to us on a daily basis, and we rarely have time to address or reflect on it. The relaxing atmosphere of a retreat allows you to quiet your mind and gain perspective for the new year.


2. A week of clean eating resets your relationship with food.

We often start off our year with the goal of shaping up and eating right, but excuses often get in the way. We’re too busy; it’s too hard; chocolate! At a wellness retreat, your meals are carefully planned and made with good-for-you whole foods that fuel your body and mind. Science has found that foods high in fat or sugar actually are addictive, so when you eat unhealthy food, you keep craving more of it. Just a week of eating right can reset your habits, so it’s easier for you to make good decisions even after you leave your retreat.


3. By focusing on a sport or yoga, you can take your practices to the next level and enjoy the amazing benefits they bring to your body, mind, and soul.

Ocean Soul Retreat is based around two main physical activities, yoga and surfing. By taking the time to experience these things on a daily basis, you get to work deeper into your practice and improve your skills. When you get back, your body will be itching to get back on that mat.


4. You can enjoy the benefits of a digital detox.

Let’s face it—every day, our faces are often buried into our laptops and smartphones. And though technology has its perks, it can distract us from fully experiencing what’s around us. Spending some time away from the buzz of social media and your always-full inbox can help you center and balance yourself. It’ll also help you build connections with the people around you through old school face time.


5. By relaxing and decompressing, you’re doing your body and mind a huge favor.

Getting in some well-deserved R&R not only boosts happiness, it actually makes us more productive. Stress has negative effects on everything from our hearts to our acuity, and learning to let go and breathe is a huge part of a wellness retreat. By slowing things down for a week, we replenish and restore our energy, so you’re ready to take on the world once you leave.
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