A Day at Ocean Soul Retreat

A week of clean eating, holistic treatments and massages, quality time spent in nature and restorative sleep, you’ll leave our Wellness retreat feeling refreshed on every level. Tucked away in lush tropical gardens, our retreat makes next-level nirvana seem totally achievable.

An early wake-up, jumpstarts each day with us, rising with the sun is the best way to get your body in sync with its natural circadian rhythms.

Break your fast and replenish your system with our finely tuned menu, designed by an expert nutritionist and naturopath. Our whole-foods approach to nutrition ensures you body is flooded with dense nutrients and resets your digestive system over the course of the seven-day retreat to make way for healthier eating habits. Our talented in-house team of chefs prepare all of our meals, turning out multiple courses of delicious food throughout the day.

No matter the wellness program (pilates, surfing, yoga and wellness) you choose for your retreat package, a yoga practice session is integrated into your daily routine while with us. Throughout the week, we hold wellness-oriented workshops to discuss various topics spanning from nutrition to mindfulness, so you can carry on with your healthful routine at home. Spend the afternoon’s poolside and wind down with in-house treatments and wholesome meals shared with new friends as the sun sets.

Our women’s wellness retreat is all about doing what feels right for your mind, body and soul, so no matter which program you choose, you’re sure to reap the benefits. Whether you join us on a girl’s getaway or on a solo trip, you’ll return home feeling totally refreshed and reinvigorated — with a new set of like-minded friends to top it all off.

Our Core Principles

We believe that food is the best medicine.

We believe in the power of the mind, body & soul connection.

Pilates Retreat Bali

We believe in the benefits of body movement.

We believe in the importance of listening to your body.

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