Freediving Liveaboard Retreat

Imagine yourself floating in the Indonesian archipelago, lapping up warm, clear, deeply blue water. Your eyes are dazzled by a number of idyllic marine life, many of which you’ve never seen before. As you float about, you hold onto a flotation ring practicing your breathing technique. Settling into your breathwork, your mind’s chatter quiets and your muscles begin to relax as you take in your last breath before dipping your head below the water’s surface.

You feel a sense of bliss wash over you as the saltwater embraces you. You pull yourself along the line, delving deeper into the calm of the ocean. The farther you go, the cooler the water gets. Your attention is brought to the rhythm of your heartbeat and the crackling of movement in the ocean. As the pressure incrementally builds in your ears, you grasp the surrealness of your underwater journey. The experience is unlike anything you’ve ever done, but you take to it as if it’s second nature.

This is when your transformation really begins. The level of mental willpower required in freediving is transformative. Your mind clears and is brought back to a state of relaxation.  A state of relaxation that is emphasized by the presence of other divers underwater with you. You feel safe and at peace in the ocean blue.

“It’s a journey between two breaths, a journey into the very limits of human possibility, it’s a journey into the unknown, and above all it’s an inner journey.”

Learning to Freedive is an exercise in finding comfort outside of one’s comfort zone

It’s an opportunity to be safely challenged in a unique way.  At first, being deep underwater for prolonged periods might feel a bit strange. The prospect can be unnerving for those who have never been diving before. However, with time, and a few physiology lessons that explain the dive reflex, you will find your confidence with freediving.

Freediving Retreat
Freediving Retreat

One of the most incredible and beautiful effects of learning to freedive is the profound state of calm you will experience

The simple act of immersing your face in water alone has been shown to calm us. The act drops your heart rate by up to 25%. What’s more, as your blood flows to your core to protect your most inner-most organs, your brain waves begin to slow down. The deeper you go, the more profound the physiological effects are. Yet, even at shallow depths, freediving is still blissful.

Freediving is the perfect tool to practice mindfulness

You see, the key to skillful freediving is relaxation. The more relaxed you are, the less oxygen you’ll expend. Being completely present, allows you to trust in the process and not be attached to the outcome.

Ocean Soul retreat bali
Freediving Retreat

At our Freediving and Yoga Retreat, you will learn how to manage your busy mind

The professional training our retreat offers will coach you in the art of proper breathing techniques. With this instruction, you’ll develop a more acute connection between your mind and body. For most of us, only 20-30 percent of our lung capacity is used on an average day. Freediving increases this capacity while simultaneously slowing down your breath. This deeper breath slows the pace of your mind allowing you the space to feel and see things clearly. What comes from this is a surrender that leads you to experience true presence.

Freediving is the ultimate form of connecting with your Self

Conditioning yourself to listen to your body and control your mind is is hardly easy. It is a discipline that requires honing. Freediving pushes you closer to realizing this goal. It will provide you with a journey of self-discovery, where you’ll gain a deep understanding of the direct impact your emotions have on your mind. This level of self-awareness shows you just how far you can push yourself.

Freediving & Yoga Retreat - Men & Women, Komodo National Park, Bali

Freediving Program Inclusions

Freediving Retreat Bali

Stay & Amenities

  • 7 days/6 Nights sailing on an Indonesian 30 meter Phinisi
  • Highly experienced crew to ensure a wonderful experience
  • Transfers to and from the local airport /local hotel transfers on the days of the retreat

Wellness & Activities

  • Freediving tuition
  • Daily breath work & mindfulness
  • Daily Yoga classes
  • Daily Freediving & Snorkelling throughout the exquisite Komodo National Park
  • Hiking South Komodo Island
  • Swimming with Manta Rays
  • Sunset hikes in Komodo at the stunning Padar Island


  • An unlimited supply of herbal teas, coffee, and filtered water
  • Delicious, nutrient packed, gourmet whole food menu prepared by our in-house chef
  • All meals are provided to ensure you reap the full benefits of following a whole food menu for the duration of your stay
  • Fresh fruit baskets and wholesome snacks throughout your stay

What you will learn

Learn Freediving with the most passionate instructors in Indonesia. They will support you through the Freediving process, explaining all the principles to you whilst motivating you to feel comfortable and safe in the water.

  • Basic Freediving Skills
  • Correct breathing techniques
  • Breath holds (Static Apnea)
  • Recovery breaths after a breath hold
  • Correct Finning technique and Body positioning
  • Equalising at depths
  • Safety techniques
  • Free immersion techniques (vertical diving by pulling on a line)
  • Constant weight techniques (diving down beside a line)
  • Duck dives
  • Buddy System
  • Diving & Rescuing a buddy
  • Correct weighting in the ocean
  • Correct use of mask & snorkel
Freediving Retreat Bali

Frequently Asked Questions

I Have Never Dived Before Is This Okay?

Yes – our trips are perfect for beginners. We will teach you to get comfortable with breath holding techniques and being under water.  You will progress through each stage with our dive instructors by your side, guiding you through the process.

Will This Help My Scuba Diving

By learning freediving respiration techniques, it will help you to reduce your consumption rate.

Is Freediving Dangerous?

With proper training and always using the buddy system and knowing your limits, you will be safe.

Will I Get A Qualification?

If you are able to demonstrate that you have satisfactorily achieved a sound understanding of Freediving and all safety pre requisites, you will receive the appropriate Molhanovs qualification.

Where Do I Fly Into?

Depending on which trip you book:
Bira you will fly to Makasar in Sulawesi.
Bima you will fly into Bima, Sumbawa.
Raja Ampat, Book your flight to Sorong, West Papua.

There are daily flights from Bali with the following airlines (Wings Air)

For Bira, we recommend you arrive the day before to explore the area and then we depart mid morning the following day.
For Bima, fly in early, come straight to the boat and we will depart by midday.
For Raja Ampat, we set sail mid morning, so we recommend you arrive the day before the trip starts and stay in a local hotel.

When Should I Book My Departure?

We have three different trips scheduled – please enquire directly about the trip details you are interested in.

What Should I Pack?

Comfortable beach/resort wear, sportswear, sneakers for hiking, a light sweater or jacket for evening times.  Pack anti bacterial ear drops incase you get an ear infection.  Water resistant sunscreen, aloe vera and sea sickness tablets if you are prone to getting nausea.

What Else Do I Need To Organise?

You will need to book your flights & comprehensive travel insurance, we won’t accept your booking without it.  You can get Freediving insurance through Please bring any other medication you will require onboard with you.   You may wish to purchase additional drinks (soft drinks & alcohol not included) on the boat as well as allowing some payment for gratuities for the boat crew.  The marine park fees are not included in the fee and are approx (2,500,000 IDR). Please make sure you have enough cash on you to cover any additional expenses, as all payments are to be made in cash in local currency directly to the Dive Master on board.

What Training Will Help To Prepare Me For Freediving?

Any training in Aerobic heart range will give you advantages in both depth potential and the duration of your comfort zone. You can also download some apps, like STAmina Apnea to guide you with your CO2 tables.

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