5 Amazing Benefits of Mindfulness

5 Amazing Benefits of Mindfulness

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Health and wellness

The healing benefits of a truly transformative mindfulness meditation practice are endless. From greater physical health to a higher emotional IQ – from greater mental clarity to profound spiritual awareness, the benefits of mindfulness meditation are simply amazing. Let’s look at 5 benefits a regular mindfulness meditation practice promises to bring to your life.


1. You create your life more consciously.


As you begin to meditate regularly, you might not be all that aware of the small changes that take place, but the fact is – you’re beginning to make your life run from a place of greater awareness. Your life is a reflection of your mind, and the more you cultivate a spacious mind, the more your thoughts, decisions, and behaviors reflect that spaciousness. Soon your thoughts will be more conscious thoughts, your choices will be more conscious choices, and your everyday habits and behaviors will shift to a level of greater clarity and consciousness.


2. You strengthen your integrity.


The more you meditate, the more aligned your thoughts, words, and actions become. This is integrity – saying what you mean and meaning what you say – while aligning your words and your actions. With greater alignment comes a more authentic human being, and your life and relationships prosper in the process.


3. The world comes at you at a pace you choose.


Before meditation, life seems so fast-paced. All the cars zipping by, the telephones ringing, text messages chiming, emails buzzing in – it can all feel too fast and furious. But the more you meditate, the more you’ll see shifts in the speed that you perceive life. Everything begins to move at a slower and more pleasant pace. All of life is still moving around you, but you take it in with a more accepting attitude and from a place of slower motion. Now you’re not as reactive or stressed out by modern living.


4. You respond to life rather than react.


An hour each day on the meditation cushion creates spaciousness in our minds and that spaciousness translates into the other 23 hours of our day. The more we meditate the less reactive we are to what people say and do. That traffic jam becomes way less annoying and when things don’t go as planned, you go with the flow rather than fighting and controlling. Responding means coming from a place of conscious choice rather than unconscious reactivity, which makes life way more fun.


5. You gain a better understanding of your true nature.


Meditation puts you in touch with your true self the more you practice. This makes life so much better, with a deeper connection to who you are and a greater grasp of reality. This is where the doors to your spiritual nature and the spiritual nature of the world around you open up with grace and ease. Life becomes full of love, meaning, and fulfillment when you come from a place of inner knowing.


Written by:  Aimee Hughes

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