Benefits Beyond Stress Relief: Why Meditation Is Amazing For Women’s Mental Health

Benefits Beyond Stress Relief: Why Meditation Is Amazing For Women’s Mental Health

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Health and wellness

In 2015, wellness travelers made 691 million trips across the world. Today, wellness tourism is focused on the needs of women, including mental physical and spiritual empowerment with female-only wellness retreats every year.

Last year topped the most organized activity as women faced the storm of international provocations and responded with their own freedom of activism. In fact, 2017 felt like a relentless series of attacks against females in the freedom of consent, laws against sexual harassment, and the fight for equal pay. Thus, a new wave of feminism – the concept of self-care – is a growing realization of the need for empowerment through wellness. But as most women see vacation as a way to “get away from it all,” there are actually more health benefits than meet the eye.

Rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit

Various studies from Harvard Medical School and Mount Sinai have discovered the biological effects of a meditation retreat compared to an old-fashioned vacation. A group of women, between the ages of 30-60, split into three groups: non-meditators who wanted a resort trip, non-meditators curious about meditation and yoga, and regular meditators. The overall results showed that no matter which group the women were in, the “vacation effect” showed strong signs of spiritual growth, lower levels of stress, greater awareness, strong vitality, and a better mood.

Thus, whether you are in the secluded jungles of India or the lush forests of Bali, the concept of a retreat is to escape from the negatives of society for health, holiness, and healing.

Changing how your body responds to stress

A recent study revealed that participants who completed a course in mindful meditation reported having better pain tolerance and emotional resilience – improving their mental strength, according to the University of North Carolina. In fact, stress during the harsh changes of a woman’s reproductive stage such as pregnancy has been associated with negative health outcomes. This includes hypertension, pre-eclampsia, and low birth rate.

In another study, participants who received five weeks of bi-weekly meditation sessions showed major changes in perceived stress when compared to the control group. This suggests that yoga could benefit in reducing daily stress in women throughout all stages of life.

All in all, a soul-searching retreat off the coast of Bali, or any relaxation location, is a sure way to boost your immune system and overall health. Take a week off from your daily life and attend a retreat. Give yourself time to self-reflect, unwind the mind, and reboots your health with the ‘meditation effect.”

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