How to Make Self-Care a Priority

How to Make Self-Care a Priority

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Health and wellness

We’ve all experienced days (and weeks) when we have a never-ending list of to do’s. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get everything that needs to be done finished. Typically, in times of change or when our schedules become more full, self-care is one of the first things to fall off our daily schedule. And ironically, it’s usually when we’re at our busiest, that we need to care for ourselves the most.


Self-care is a catch-all phrase that refers to any activity you do to take care of you – from what you eat to what you do to what you think and what you put on your body. Self-care can come in the form of going for a walk, taking the time to meditate, having a bathing ritual, or cooking a nutritious meal for you and your family.


No matter what form self-care takes on for you, it’s totally critical that you find a way to fit self-care into your daily routine and make it a habit. Because when you set this foundation for yourself, you will feel better. And when you feel better, you will be better in your life — at work, with your family, and with everyone you know.


When we take the time to step away from the busyness of our everyday lives and devote the time to restoring ourselves, we allow ourselves to remember what it’s like to really take care of our needs. We can spend time doing restorative activities so we can get some well-needed rest that we’ve been missing out on for months (sometimes even years).


In the day-to-day, there are a few practices you can set a reminder for that will help you begin to make self-care a priority. Even 5 minutes per day of one of these activities is a step in the right direction. When you make the time to invest in yourself, your whole life becomes better.


Here are some great ways to incorporate self-care into your daily life:


Write it down

Buy yourself a journal or notebook and jot down your thoughts, feelings, and happenings from the day. Make a list of what you’re grateful for. Write down powerful affirmations to remember throughout your day. Use this as a space to explore your inner world and get to know yourself better.


Move your body
This can be as simple as taking a walk, trying yoga, or heading out for your first surf lesson. Find a form of movement that you genuinely enjoy, and then practice it everyday. Exercise helps keep your body in shape, as well as your mind

Take a bath

Taking a nightly bath with epsom salts is a wonderful way to release the day and cleanse yourself. There is something very soothing about submerging your body in warm water. Bathing has been a ritual in many cultures for thousands of years.


Get a massage

A massage is an excellent way to unplug from the world around you and tune in to how your body feels. You can let all your worries melt away as you relax into the table. Your mind will unwind as your body relaxes, and vice versa. Massage is one of the best ways to make yourself a priority.



Close your eyes and focus on your breath. When your thoughts pop up, take note of them and then let them pass through you. Turn to YouTube for free guided meditations that can help you relax. Meditation is proven to help you in all areas of your life. Learning to quiet your mind is one of the best self-care practices you can develop.


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