How to stay healthy while travelling

How to stay healthy while travelling

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Health and wellness

When traveling, your body is out of the normal routine and it can be easy to let healthy habits begin to slide. You don’t have to succumb to unhealthy routines. It’s easy to stick with a diet and exercise plan when you’re at home, but will it all go out the window once you head out on vacation? It doesn’t have to and there are simple tips & tricks you can use to keep yourself vibrant and glowing while on the road (or in the air).


Staying healthy while traveling will help you have the energy to enjoy your trip. When you eat well and exercise, you’re less likely to feel sluggish or have digestive troubles on your trip. Plus, you won’t come home feeling run down. Here are some tips to make your journey healthy:


Pack Snacks


Instead of relying on airplane food or vending machine options, bring your own snacks. Kale chips, plantain chips and dried fruit last long and don’t require refrigeration. They’re easy to take on an airplane or in the car, and they make great late-night snacks too.


Rethink Mealtimes


Eat well-rounded meals that will carry you through your day. If you’ll be driving all day, start off with a breakfast that combines healthy fats, veggies and protein to keep you full until later. You can even consider having a late lunch and a smaller dinner to stay healthy while traveling.


Avoid Food Poisoning


It’s exciting to be adventurous with your food while traveling. However, stick with what you know and your stomach will thank you. If you’re in doubt, you can dowse your vegetables and fruits with lime juice, which can help kill off any bacteria that may cause you distress. You can also peel raw fruits and veggies whenever possible. You can also avoid food poisoning by following the old standbys. Don’t eat raw or undercooked meat or seafood, and don’t eat food with eggs, meat or dairy that has been sitting out unrefrigerated.


Go for Filtered or Bottled Water


Unfamiliar water may be hard on your system. The water in a different country may contain more minerals than you’re used to, which can be hard on your digestive system. Stick with bottled water when you’re traveling if you can.


Stay Hydrated


One of the quickest paths to ill health is dehydration. In fact, dehydration can also affect your energy levels, mood and brain power. If you’re driving, pack a case (or more) of water in your trunk. If you’re at a hotel, find out where to buy bottled water, and keep on hydrating through the day. Bring a glass water bottle if there are filtered water stations you can use.


Let yourself rest


Your body needs rest in order to function optimally. When you sleep, you’re allowing your body to restore itself. This time is necessary for healing, especially when you’re exposed to more pathogens while traveling. Try to keep your sleep schedule normal while traveling. If your body is telling you to go to bed early, heed the warning. With enough rest, you may be able to fight off any illnesses that you’re exposed to.


Wash Your Hands


When you’re on an airplane or out and about in a tourist area, you are exposed to more germs than when you’re in the comfort of your living room. Wash your hands frequently when you’re traveling to avoid getting sick.


Take Your Supplements


Especially if your body is used to taking supplements, make sure that you bring them with you on vacation. Research shows that probiotics can help prevent traveler’s diarrhea and other digestive ailments. Probiotics can also help boost your immunity in general. Other supplements that can help with immunity are antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin D.


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