How to Tune into Your Intuition

How to Tune into Your Intuition

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Health and wellness

You’ve always had strong intuition. It’s been there since you were born. But we’re not taught to hone this sixth sense and in the process it becomes a teeny tiny voice that’s only a whisper, if that. Tuning into your intuition helps you make better choices and steers you on the path you were meant to be on. So, let’s learn just a few ways to hone this powerful sense so that we can trust our vibes and honor our unique path.


Meditate and Slow Down Your Thoughts


All the crazy thoughts in our minds are blasting and blaring and blocking out the intuitive voice. So it’s important to let the thoughts settle down a bit, clearing the way for our intuition to spring forth. We can do this through an ongoing meditation practice, in which we sit for a set amount of time each day with the intention of quieting those thoughts in order to hear our intuitive voice.


Visualization and Images


Doing a guided meditation in which you’re asked to imagine yourself in a place in nature – one that feels safe, secure, and that appeals to all your senses is yet another way to tune in. Imagine that your higher self is waiting for you in this place, ready to give you the answers you’re seeking. Your higher self might come in the form of a deity, a spirit animal, or a mere stream of light. Take some time to be with this image as you drop in and wait for answers to arise.


Be Open to Signs and Synchronicities


The universe is always providing you with signs that light your path. If you see things that are just too “weird” to ignore, or notice a “coincidence” that is pointing you in a particular direction, listen up. Your intuition can see and interpret the signs and synchronicities – just let yourself be open to them. They’re there.


Affirm Your Intuition


Start saying things like, “my intuition guides me always,” or “I trust my intuition.” The more you state that you believe your intuition is present to guide you, the more it will. Have fun creating positive affirmations in the present tense that allow your sixth sense to step joyfully forward and lead the way.


Written by:  Aimee Hughes

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