Why Wellness Is A #1 Priority

Why Wellness Is A #1 Priority

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Health and wellness

Now, more than ever, we’re looking for ways to live a better life. With so many outside stressors and busy schedules, it can be hard to understand what the core to living a good life is. But the key to living a fulfilling life really boils down to one thing: wellness. In order to have the highest quality of life, we need to focus on being well. Having a high level of wellness, in mind, body, and spirit makes life more peaceful, meaningful, and joyful.


Making personal wellness a top priority has a trickle down effect in our lives. By focusing on physical, mental and spiritual wellness, we can show up as the best version of ourselves in all areas of our life: at home, in the workplace, with friends, and when helping others in our community.


The side effects of making wellness a top priority in life are only positive. By making self-care number 1, the risk of illness is greatly reduced, along with stress levels. With less stress and illness, the need for healthcare, which can often be expensive, is also greatly reduced. Less time stressing out, less time being sick, and less time spent with the doctor are the awesome perks of a life which revolves around wellness.


There’s no set formula for achieving overall wellness, and there are different methods which work for each person. Here are some suggestions, which when combined, can lead to the greatest overall sense of wellness:


Eat Well

A nutrient-rich diet is the basis for overall wellness in the body. We become what we eat – meaning literally our cells are made of what we consume. Eating a daily dose of leafy vegetables and fruits, while also avoiding processed food, is the best way to ensure you receive the vitamins and nutrients your body needs for optimal performance.


Move Your Body

Exercise is essential to overall wellness. Whether it’s walking, yoga, running, or going to the gym, getting some form of movement each day helps lower stress levels and keeps your body in good shape. Sweating also helps the body release toxins and detoxify from any harmful substances ingested throughout the day.



In today’s culture, we’re encouraged to always be on the go. But it’s crucial to take time and learn methods for relaxation in order to achieve wellness. Getting a massage or other forms of body work have an instant relaxing effect on the body. A daily meditation process is a common relaxation technique and the stillness of the mind each day will promote wellness for the long-term.


Spend Time with Friends & Family

Having happy and healthy relationships is essential to overall health and wellness. Spending time with others who lift you up is an important part of mental health and can greatly improve wellness. Whether it’s friends or family, feeling loved and supported is a key element to achieving wellness.


Although overall wellness may seem hard to achieve, taking small steps each day will build towards your goals. Each small step we take towards wellness helps us reach our unlimited potential for a happy, abundant and joyful life.


Written By: Caitlin Simmons


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