Why We Are All Craving Connection

Why We Are All Craving Connection

by | May 3, 2017 | Health and wellness

Why We Are All Craving Connection


In many ways, our world is more connected now than ever before. We can connect on the Internet, through our phones, and travel to any place we’d like to go. Since we’ve expanded our digital connections, we’ve also lost a sense of connection in many ways too. Many of us end up living alone or in communities where we don’t even know or speak to our neighbors. Life is so busy that we often forget the simple acts of talking to one another, meeting strangers, and building community where we are.


Ultimately, as humans, we are social animals. Meaning we naturally bond and connect with others, we need this connection to survive and lead a healthy life.  We’re also meant to connect with the natural world around us. This can be hard to do in our modern ways of living, where nature might be a car ride away and not easily accessible. We crave these connections because we thrive when we connect with other people and with nature.


The biggest reason we crave connection is really because we want to be seen. We want to feel understood and we want to know there is higher purpose, something bigger that we are playing a part of. Just as we have physical needs, we also have emotional and spiritual needs. It’s important to take stock of where you need connection in your life, and find ways to fill those voids. Loneliness can be one of the worst things for your overall physical and mental health, so it’s important to seek friends, family, and activities that make you feel included and loved.


When it comes to a spiritual connection, we all crave intimacy, meaning, and to fulfill our destiny. All of these things are very related to developing a rich spiritual life. It’s natural and totally human to crave connection.


Here are some ways to find connection in your everyday life:


Spend time with people you love. Whether it’s a shared meal, a fun event, or a quick phone call, sharing and spending time with people you love will give you a deep sense of connection. It’s important to choose who you spend time with wisely, and to only focus on and grow the relationships that support and nurture you.


Spend time in nature. Getting outside and connecting with nature is one of the best sources for feeling connected. When we are in movement and breathing in fresh air, we can find stillness inside ourselves and open up room for the states of wonder, awe, and curiosity. All of these feelings foster connection in our lives.


Spend time in solitude. It’s important to find alone time to be with yourself every day. Even ten minutes of solitude is beneficial to your health. Connecting with your inner self is just as important as connecting with others and your environment. Practice meditation, take a bath, or make some art. Whatever you do, finding connection with yourself is important for a healthy, happy and balanced life.

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