5 Reasons We Love Surfing

5 Reasons We Love Surfing

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Surf

5 Reasons We Love Surfing


Here at Ocean Soul Retreat, one of our favorite activities is surfing. We offer this fun activity because it truly is a deep love of ours. The salt water, the rush of a wave,  the thrill of standing up—there’s no way to put these experiences into words, you just have to see what it’s all about for yourself. Today we want to explore the five reasons why we love surfing, so you can get a better taste of what the experience is all about.


Here’s why we love surfing:


It’s the ultimate workout

Surfing is wonderful exercise for the body. It requires the use of all your muscles and involves both strength and cardio, all wrapped up into one activity. Often, when surfing, you’ll find you “discover” some muscles you never even knew you had. Surfing puts your body in a position where you must use every part of your physical strength, including balance. It’s great for the heart and lungs—and the best part is: it doesn’t really even feel like exercise!


It’s good for your mind

Surfing requires a sense of focus that can only happen when all the other chatter in your brain quiets down. By turning off the thoughts that ruminate every day, you’re doing your mind a huge favor (while having fun too!) Surfing is as beneficial for the mind as it is for the body. It’s a great way to conquer fears and do something outside your comfort zone that is relaxing and calming for your mind.


It teaches us so many lessons

When you head out for a surf, you’ll learn a lot more than just how to stand up on a board and ride a wave. You’re immersed in nature and you’ll learn all about the ocean: the tides and swells and types of surf breaks. This will give you a stronger connection to our world’s oceans and help you get more in touch with Mother Nature. Surfing also teaches us about resilience, strength, going with the flow, and other deep, life lessons that will stick with you long after your surfing adventure.


It adds more fun to our days

Surfing is an activity that allows you to turn off your brain and just live in the moment. And it’s actually fun! There’s nothing more thrilling than catching a wave and the process of trying can be filled with lots of laughter along the way. With sunshine, ocean water and a surfboard, anyone can have a fun time enjoying themselves and letting loose. There’s no better feeling than after an amazing surf session.


It’s the perfect holiday activity

If you haven’t tried surfing before and want to give it a go, it’s a wonderful thing to try out while you’re on vacation. It’s something you can try in all different places around the world.  When you take your next break, see if you can plan a surf adventure. We include surfing as an activity in our programs because we know it’s a wonderful thing to try to connect with yourself and nature while you unplug from the world.


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