Five Reasons Why You Should Go On A Luxury Escape to Bali

Five Reasons Why You Should Go On A Luxury Escape to Bali

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It’s time to reimagine what a holiday should look like. Long gone are the days when all you could hope for from a vacation were 10 days off from work, lazy days spent by a pool and a wicked sunburn, to boot. Well, with a luxury escape to Bali, you can have all that but come home with so much more.


Choosing Bali as your next destination to unwind will give your mind and body a chance to reset. While the idea of a luxury escape to anyplace is enticing, heading to Bali is a game-changer. The Indonesian island’s picturesque beaches, sun-soaked atmosphere and abundance of healthy food are just the tip of the iceberg of reasons why you should head to Bali. The island’s zen approach to wellness, informed by traditional Balinese and Hindu customs, makes a visit to the island a powerful catalyst for positive change in your life.

Need a little bit more convincing? Scroll down to see five reasons why you should go on a luxury escape to Bali.


1. Amazing Accommodations
Luxury Escape to Bali

It’s no secret that when looking for a luxury escape to Bali, the place where you stay should be seriously gorgeous. The accommodations should seemingly have been constructed for three purposes: poolside lounging, sun-soaked reflection and soothing massages. Well, as luck would have it, Bali has villas just like that in spades.


The luxury villa from which we hold our retreats is no exception. Inspired by the great houses of the Caribbean, our villa was designed for both outdoor and indoor living without a detail left unconsidered. The open-air design of the property cultivates a sense of openness and connection among those who retreat with us Its white-washed interiors juxtapose beautifully against wooden furniture, while the sprawling lawn invites you out to take in Bali’s warmth. Even with all of the luxurious touches, our villa still manages to feel like a home away from home.


2. The Culinary Scene
Luxury Escape to Bali

With Indonesia being the birthplace of tempeh, the cuisine of the islands is known for being good-for-you and incredibly delicious. Balinese cuisine is characterized by the use of locally available veggies and aromatic spices. Whether you’re into organic, vegan or raw food, Bali has many tasty somethings that will hit the spot. During a luxury escape to Bali, you should expect to dine on the finest ingredients.


During our retreats, take advantage of the abundant fresh produce available in the markets to prepare whole-food meals. Think: red cabbage, cucumber, corn and roasted cauliflower for a lunch that powers you up instead of lulling your senses down for a midday siesta. To stay hydrated in Bali’s warm climes, we also make use of all the juicy fruits grown on the island. Freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, and their trendy counterpart, smoothie bowls are extremely popular on the island. Our favorites are pineapple watermelon juices (with a shot of ginger, if we’re lucky) and of course, dragon fruit smoothie bowls.


3. The Chance to Unplug

Luxury Escape to Bali

In today’s age of smartphones, Snapchat and sharing everything we do online, one of the best ways to recharge is to unplug. Doing so in an environment that is begging to be experienced rather than simply Instagrammed will allow you to reconnect with yourself. You’ll leave the island with a greater sense of peace and gratitude for moments of stillness.


For those that are used to being constantly stimulated by the news or work, this may be a bit of a challenge at first. To ease you into it during your luxury escape to Bali, perhaps bring that book you’ve been putting off reading. Or, simply treat yourself to midday naps that let your mind wander. The moments of solitude that you’ll experience when unplugging will reduce any negative feelings you may have accumulated from one too many Facebook stalks, and it will give your eyes and brain the break they’ve been asking for.


4. Unforgettable Adventures
Luxury Escape to Bali

There’s something for every thrill-seeking soul on the island. Whether you’re keen to try your hand at surfing or you’d like to test your balance with stand-up paddleboarding, Bali will pull you out of your comfort zone. With a luxury escape to Bali, you can have all of these experiences arranged for you, so that all you have to do is remember your swimmers and SPF.


During our retreats here in Seminyak, you’ll be spoilt for options when it comes to recreation. Should you sign up for our surf retreat program, you will receive tailored lessons from a qualified instructor on how to navigate the waves. Stand-up paddleboarding, wakeboarding and pilates are other activity options for the adventurous souls among us during our retreats. During each adventure, you’ll feel supported enough to expand your horizons by our team.


5. Indulge Your Inner Yogi
Luxury Escape to Bali

From downward dog to child’s pose, Bali is ripe with many yoga-mat friendly spots to practice yoga. Whether poolside or on the beach, Bali’s strong spiritual energy makes the island the perfect place to spread your yogi wings and nail the crow’s pose. Yoga is one of the best ways to physically give back to your body. With a strong focus on breathwork and mindfulness, each practice feels like a mini-vacay.


At Ocean Soul, we celebrate yoga’s power. It strengthens our awareness of the connection between the mind, body and soul. Because of that, we see yoga as a journey of the self, through the self, to the self. That’s why we design each yoga practice to complement your experience and connect your body with your breath. Should you decide to spend your luxury escape to Bali with us, all you’ll need to bring with you are your yoga pants and an openness to practice with us as we’ll provide all of the equipment including mats, bolsters and blocks.


Bali, here you come! To start planning your luxury escape to Bali, check out our 2018 retreat schedule. We have wellness retreats planned out for the whole year, so we’re sure you’ll find an option that fits your calendar. Book your spot today here!

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