Four reasons you need to go Freediving

Four reasons you need to go Freediving

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Health and wellness

It’s hard to resist the primitive pull toward the ocean. Its natural beauty and boundless mystery are enough to leave anyone slack-jawed. Freediving indulges that appetite for vitamin sea and then some. How? Well, when freediving, there’s little else between you and the water. No scuba tank to weigh you down, just you and your breath exploring the open sea. Slowly becoming one with its ebb and flow. When in the water as a freediver, you absorb its natural rhythm and power — a sensation that’s impossible to experience while on land. We swear by the water-bound activity as one of life’s purest pleasures, as it offers a personal experience with aquatic life.


We’ve come to learn that when the ocean calls, the soul should answer. That’s why we’re singing the gospels of freediving loud and proud. In case stunning 360-degree views of the deep blue aren’t enough of a reason to go freediving, we’ve rounded up four reasons why you should head down under the sea level. Dive in to our list below:



  • You’ll Hone Your Breathing


      • Ever notice how your breath shortens and heartbeat quickens in times of high stress? Well, you’ll never be more aware of your body’s response to situations until you freedive. In due time, you’ll learn multiple breathing and equalization techniques that’ll see you diving with the best of them. You’ll not only become more mindful of your breath, but you’ll also increase your mental strength in directing your auto-response to circumstances that test your grace.


  • You’ll Test Your Physical Abilities


      • With just one gulp of air, you’ll envelope yourself in the salty folds of the sea when freediving. This test of physical and cardiovascular agility will whip you into shape. In an environment free of gravity, you’ll get to enjoy the freedom of movement. Freediving demands that your body is in good shape to support longer dives, so it’s just the push you need to keep your body in motion.


  • You’ll Mingle With Sea Animals


      • Each time you venture below the waterline, you’re bound to see marine life. >From sea turtles to manta rays, the creatures you’ve always seen on NatGeo will finally be yours to admire in real life when freediving. If mingling with the cast of The Little Mermaid doesn’t excite you, then we just don’t know how to help you.


  • You’ll Make New Friends


    • Learning and seeing new things with other always brings souls together. Without realizing it, many find freediving to be a vulnerable experience in that each time you venture underwater, you’re faced with the open sea and limited air in your lungs. This immersion inspires an openness of the spirit that eagerly welcomes new friendships along the way.

This June, we’re headed to Komodo National Park to do all of this and so much more. We’ll hike at Padar Island. We’ll lounge on the famous Pink Beach. And, we’ll swim with manta rays at Mawan island. The islands’ raw beauty forces you to stop and feel, which makes for the ideal locations to practice active mindfulness. Did we mention that we’ll be travelling by a 30-metre boat?

Join us on our debut Freediving and Yoga Retreat for an experience that your mind and body will thank you for years to come. Want in? Learn more about the retreat and book in your spot here. See you there, amigos!

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