The Perfect Combo: Freedive and Yoga in Bali

The Perfect Combo: Freedive and Yoga in Bali

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Freediving, Travel, Yoga

Picture this…


You’re on a boat with other like-minded people cruising through the beautiful Indonesian oceans around Bali. You wake up and do yoga on the top deck, eat a nutritious meal, and then, you get to try something totally new.


You strap on your flippers and snorkel—and dive into the ocean, where you get to explore the beautiful reef and wildlife waiting for you below the water’s surface. And as your senses are shifted in the water, you begin an inner journey like none you’ve ever experienced before…



Sounds like a dream come true, right?


Well, this opportunity can become a reality for you. But first, you need to understand why the combination of yoga and freediving is so unique—and such a perfect pairing for a truly transformative and deeply healing experience.




Freediving is a breath-hold form of diving, where you move in and out of the water while holding your breath. You’ll learn various breathing techniques—and this breathwork in itself is so powerful. It will teach how to take complete control over your fight or flight response.


The experience of freediving is a totally immersive experience that helps you turn inward. As you explore the shallows and take in all the magical nature under the sea, your body is also following patterned breathing. As you get into a state of relaxation, you’ll find yourself going on an inner journey too.


You’ll experience a sense of calm and peace that can truly only be found under the water. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever done—and it’s a challenge that takes you out of your comfort zone, but in a gentle, fun and uplifting way.


Even if you’ve never dived before, that’s perfectly okay! The breath holding techniques are something anyone can learn and you will have a trained instructor by your side, guiding you the whole way. It’s completely safe as long as you stick with your guide and know your limits.


The Benefits of a Freedive + Yoga Retreat in Bali


Going on a retreat where your two main activities are freediving and yoga will have one huge takeaway that you can bring with you wherever you go after this experience: a sense of inner peace.


The biggest result is learning how to manage your busy mind.


You’ll find a sense of calm through movement and these two activities—and the professional training you receive in both freediving and yoga will help you learn breathing techniques that will strengthen your mind and body connection. The deeper your breath, the slower your mind. The more you let go and surrender to the experience, the more inner peace you’ll find.


This is a unique opportunity as your body really learns how to do this on a visceral, physical level as you soak in the beautiful scenery, the ocean views and the experience of diving under the water.


Ultimately, this freedive and yoga retreat is about creating a greater sense of connection with yourself. By learning how to listen to your body, and in turn, control your mind, you are going further on your journey of self-discovery. You’ll gain more in a few days through this experience than you could in any other setting.


The key to your overall wellness and vitality is in having a full mind, body and spirit. Through freediving and yoga, you’re giving yourself an immersive experience that will catapult you to the next level of awareness—and leave you with a deep, lasting sense of calm.


Ready to dive in?


Explore this opportunity—and book your Freedive + Yoga Retreat in Bali experience. Learn more here.

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