How Yoga Helps You Come Home to Yourself

How Yoga Helps You Come Home to Yourself

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Yoga

Practicing yoga is a constant in life. With everything else going on, from to do lists to world events, the practice of showing up on the mat is something that will always be there. When we approach yoga from this place, a place of consistency, it becomes something much greater than an exercise routine. Yoga is a way to slow down the mind, really get into the body, and to help you come home to yourself.


What this translates to is a feeling of being at peace and being in your body. So often, we are stuck in our minds or in the events unfolding around us. Yoga is a time when we use slow, gentle movements and stretches to really feel all the parts of our body. By doing this, we create the space we need to tune in and be with our self.


So many of us feel that our lives are dependant on whatever is going on outside of us. If it’s happy and joyful, then we feel happy. If something tragic happens, we feel sad. These waves of feelings are inevitable. But returning inwards to yourself is something that can consistently guide you through the good and the hard times in life. And yoga is a wonderful tool and practice to guide you through life’s ebbs and flows.


Going to a yoga class or participating in yoga on a retreat can be a great way to jumpstart a lifelong practice. Being around others while you enter the same positions, having the guidance of a teacher, and the support of those around you is a great way to really get deep into your yoga practice. You can also foster a yoga practice at home by yourself too. No matter where you roll out your mat, there’s always an opportunity for you to quiet down and tune in.


Yoga helps you come home to yourself because it’s rooted in body and breathwork as well as discipline. After a yoga class and a savasana, you feel the effects. You can even take a savasana nap anytime throughout your day as a way to pause and reset. Just lay down, flat on your back with your palms up and close your eyes. Take deep breaths and set a timer if you need to. By fully releasing your body into the floor, you’re giving yourself a break from the worries and stressors of the day. And letting you come back to the true, glowing inner self inside.

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